Reliable WiFi coverage across your entire property for full smart home integration.

From the coast to downtown, the team at Total Home WiFi are the premier wireless network specialists in Los Angeles.

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Cover your entire home
not just one or two rooms

There’s no need for you to feel like you’re living in “The Dead Zone” — just because you’ve walked too far away from your router! Get reliable WiFi coverage throughout your entire property.

Relax, You're fully covered

Say goodbye to spotty coverage: stream your favorite show poolside or play online from your backyard!

smart home and Internet of things (iot)

Increase the Value of Your Property

The components we install are fixtures that add to your home’s property value. The professional installations we provide are as much an investment as an expense.

How It Works

Free Consultation

This is where we discuss your needs and desires, assess your property, construction materials, number of floors, square footage, outdoor reach, etc.

Estimate & Schedule

After we have taken all the factors into consideration, we provide you with an estimate. If you accept, we schedule the installation at your convenience.

Installation Begins!

We warranty our work and the work of our electricians, as well as any equipment provided. All workers are licensed/certified and insured.

Fast WiFi requires great wiring

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What our customers say

“Recently I decided to take the plunge and do what was needed to make our home wifi less spotty, less likely to drop out and, essentially, future-proof. I found this company, Total Home WiFi, on Yelp and feel I hit the jackpot. Not only did they provide all the electrician services — via a high-quality subcontractor — needed to install strategically-placed, unobtrusive boosters hard-wired to the modem, they also hard-wired our TV that had previously been connected to the Internet only via our rickety old wifi. 
Finally, Adam, the owner of the company, helped me negotiate with Spectrum’s (ne Time-Warner Cable’s) bureaucracy in order to replace my modem/router for a much, much better one, to remove redundant charges from my bill and to obtain twice as fast a service up and down as we had previously. I am so glad I did all this; our greatly-enhanced, rock-solid wifi has enabled me to use it to power a Sonos speaker system through the house (also installed by THW), which is an almost decadent luxury for a music lover or listener to satellite radio. This company also installs state-of-the-art home security systems. 
I cannot recommend Adam and the team at Total Home WiFi highly enough.”
Barry Isaacson

“Adam and his team worked with us to create a specific WiFi system that catered to a complicated office layout. They installed a wireless network that met our needs and worked perfectly with us having no problems after the initial installation. They were very easy to work with and we’d call them again and refer them to our friends or colleagues, no doubt about it!”
Luca Cianchetta

Raffaella De Laurentiis Productions

“Total Home WiFi solved a huge disaster for us. We moved into a big house and no one had great reception nor could all the kids stream content at the same time. They quickly identified our issues and presented me with a few differently priced options. My whole family is so happy that the WiFi is fast and reliable. Adam, Jonathan and Chris are responsive and professional and I recommend them wholeheartedly!”
Mitchell & Lizzy Schwartz

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We take great pride in our Whole Home WiFi Installations. All projects are tailored to your property’s specific needs. We eliminate the unnecessary and deliver the professional level of service you should expect.

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We also offer and integrate smart home systems, including:

  • Whole home audio & Sonos with flush in-ceiling/wall, outdoor, or concealed speakers
  • Clean, centralized IT hub with tidy, concealed cabling
  • TV setups, including mounting, concealed cable routes, recessed power outlets, soundbars
  • In-wall Ethernet ports for hard-wiring printers, video upload, TV-streaming, or file-sharing devices
  • Surveillance systems with secure remote viewing via app and/or TV
  • Secure entry systems with video intercom and remote latch-release via app
  • Ring Elite video doorbells
  • Projectors and surround sound home theater
  • Home automation & other smart home integration for wireless control of almost anything…and custom requests

We do it all professionally and without using unreliable boosters or cheap repeaters. Our workers are fully insured and we are a licensed CA Corporation.

We are also happy to work with General Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, and Project Managers–in addition to homeowners–on new construction or renovation projects (including projects down to stud). Please involve us early in the process to ensure proper planning and ample low voltage pre-wiring. We have 10+ years experience providing solutions to Residential, Commercial, and Education clients in Los Angeles.


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