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computersWTF offers a full range of commercial & residential I.T. solutions in Los Angeles, California.

Forward Thinking

Whatever the I.T. challenge is, we’re here to bring innovative solutions.

Problem Solvers

Got stuck? Worry not, we’re here to solve your problems on-the-fly.

Customer Care

You, our customers, are our biggest asset; everything we do is to excel in helping you.

Our Story (told by our clients)

Our WiFi was spotty and inconsistent in various parts of our house despite using a pretty expensive repeater. Total Home WiFi completely solved the problem and we now have very fast and reliable Internet everywhere — even out in our detached back house. The install was quick, easy, inexpensive, and the solution has been completely turnkey. They also did a great job rewiring our entertainment system and wall-mounting our TV. I’ve recommended them to friends and family and all have had similar terrific experiences.

Jeff & Sally Brunski

The Insurance Mom

Jonathan is like my little brother — who knows everything but doesn’t rub it in my face. He just kindly assesses the problem, takes care of it, and joins me in a hearty laugh at the end.

Brianne Glaser

The Insurance Mom

When we decided to remodel our kitchen, we thought we’d use the opportunity to upgrade our home tech. At the time, we only had WiFi bars on the first floor of our home, near the kitchen and den — and our Internet Service Provider was no help with expanding wireless coverage. Glad we called Total Home WiFi — not only did they expand our coverage to the second floor, but also added outdoor access for Internet in the backyard, as well as the office in our guest house above the garage. Total Home WiFi also provided / installed 2 smart TVs, a Sonos system (so now we can control and play music anywhere on the property from our iPhones), and a video intercom for our front door! We are thrilled with our smart home courtesy of the team from Total Home WiFi – thanks guys!

Rochelle & Gary Edwards

Adam Fischer

Adam Fischer

President & Founder

Adam is the man and the mind behind computersWTF and he credits his grandfather for influencing his journey as an entrepreneur: When he was a young lad, his grandfather would bring home early workstation computers. Adam would take them apart and rebuild them on the kitchen floor! Who woulda thought an animal-loving musician who likes to sail is also one of the leading I.T. specialists in Hollywood?

Chris Livingston

Chris Livingston

Solutions Architect

Some would say Chris missed his calling: he WAS asked to join Up With People, so we kinda hit the jackpot when he came to computersWTF to work as our Solutions Architect. Originally from Louisiana, Chris is a man who likes to toe the line… between a love of PC and his MacBook Air. He prides his career success to a foundation instilled in him by his father to “work hard, be honest and treat others as you would like to be treated.” That’s why he ROCKS!

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Vice-President of I.T.

Meet Jonathan Edwards, our Vice-President of I.T.. Our resident Jedi has been building PCs since he was a little guy, when he wasn’t debating with friends if he wanted the Power to Fly or Probability Manipulation. He’s a West Coast guy through-and-through and he credits his father and maternal grandfather with helping him to be the tech we know and love today!